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This wiki is devoted to recording, maintaining, and spreading the legacy and history of the Supremacy 1914 Role-Playing Community, specifically the Universal Roleplaying Organization (The U.R.O.) Every game hosted by the U.R.O. shall be recorded here, and the bios on as many Community members as possible are also recorded. The Wiki is current in Alpha stages, so formatting is far from complete, and many pages are not yet up. (as of 2/22/2014)

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The Role-Playing Administration is pleased to announce the restart of a ages old project. The Supremacy 1914 U.R.O dedicated Role-Playing Wikipedia, which shall be used for these purposes:

  • To record every single Role-Playing game, articles, forum threads, posts, etc.
  • To record the history of the Role-Playing community from here on out, from the times of the Iron Cross, to the R.P.L and S.C.R, to the dark times to the U.R.O.
  • To allow for the entire communities history, slang, moments, people, be made forever eternal.
  • To create a permanent record. To create a lasting, permanent legacy.
  • To enshrine every moment of glory that this community has seen and shall seen, and give every Role-player a spot of glory.

The R.P.A is pleased by the restart of this project, which has already begun. The Public Wiki shall be announced shortly after minor construction for constructive criticism and modifications by the Role-Playing Community at large. Cisco has been named Chairman of the committee of Public Service Maintenance, and shall be overseeing this project in accordance to U.R.O policy, under the discretion and authority of the Role-Playing Administration, with approval from the General Assembly.


Franko1 Prime Minister of the Universal Role-Playing Organization